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Monetize your Existing Infrastructure

Discover a suite of solutions designed to secure your venue, enhance customer engagement and maximize your business potential.

In Store Advertising

We connect businesses with technology that leverages the effective use of data-driven technologies — from AI and machine vision to digital signage and signals intelligence — to create remarkable in-store experiences that are enticing, engaging and interactive.

  • A predictable, scalable revenue model;

  • A sales lift of up to 20%;

  • A more effective way to monetize real estate;

  • Improved customer engagement;

  • More impactful, “context aware” campaigns;

Cutting Edge AI Security

Our partners offer state of the art AI security systems that are situationally aware, with advanced threat detection, built on military grade technology. The passive signal and video system tracks vehicles and devices in the area, while processing the data in real-time.

  • Concealed Weapons Detection

  • AI-Enhanced Facial Capture

  • Behavioral Analytics

  • Thermal Imaging

Seamless guest Wi-Fi solution

We collaborate closely with clients and partners to provide top-tier Wi-Fi solutions for physical venues. Our aim is to unleash the full potential of digital marketing, foster customer loyalty, and facilitate guest engagement. Experience outstanding network performance, even in challenging conditions, ensuring seamless connectivity for your venue.

  • Ad Driven revenue

  • Turn Guest Wifi into Revenue

  • Build customer loyalty

  • Optimize property layout to enhance traffic flow


Talk to an Expert

Schedule a consultation with us today to discover how we can transform your business's operational capabilities and drive unparalleled success.

Traffic Studies

We partner with real estate owners in high vehicular traffic areas for ongoing traffic studies to enhance their NOI.

  • Create passive ongoing revenue

  • Ideal for highway adjacent locations

  • Low power consumption

  • Stringent data collection compliance

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