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Revealing the Untapped Value of Your Existing Infrastructure With AI Driven Data.

Monetize Your Existing Assets With Access Digital Solutions.

​Access Digital is a global value-added reseller and installation contractor, providing technology and services to business, government, education and healthcare organizations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Africa and South America. 

Urban Traffic

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Schedule a consultation with us today to discover how we can transform your business's operational capabilities and drive unparalleled success.

Wi-Fi Solutions

Provide venues with top-tier Wi-Fi, enhancing digital marketing, customer loyalty, and guest engagement. Experience superior network performance in challenging conditions.

Advanced AI Security

Tailor made, advanced, situationally aware security systems with military-grade threat detection. Passive signal and video tracking monitors area vehicles and devices, processing data in real-time.

In Store Advertising

Elevate your business with a scalable revenue model, offering up to a 20% sales lift. Enhance real estate monetization and deepen customer engagement. Drive success with impactful, context-aware campaigns.

​Traffic Studies

We partner with real estate owners in high vehicular traffic areas for ongoing traffic studies to enhance their NOI. This strategic alliance enables optimized property utilization and revenue generation.

We are a team of seasoned professionals at the forefront of digital advertising and real time security, dedicated to enhancing brand value and existing infrastructure. Representing industry-leading hardware suppliers & digital advertisers, we drive sales lift, customer engagement, and asset monetization. By connecting businesses with cutting-edge technology, including AI, machine vision, and digital signage, we craft remarkable in-store experiences that are enticing, engaging, and interactive, effectively utilizing data-driven technologies.

Enhancing Brands, Empowering Tech

Who We Are

See how Store as a Medium is becoming the future of retail!  Forbes recognizes the innovative approach and significant impact that SaaM is having on the industry. Dive into the article to discover how we're reshaping the landscape with cutting-edge solutions and setting new standards. 

​Forbes Dives into SaaM

Recent News

"The services provided by Access Digital have been transformative for our operations. Their partner’s technology, incorporating advanced data capture and analysis, not only improves security but also creates new revenue streams from traffic data"

Maria S. - Managing Partner

"Access Digital's innovative approach to security and revenue generation is highly impressive. They introduced us to advanced technology, especially in high-traffic areas, which has greatly enhanced our data analysis capabilities."

Alex R. - Asset Manager

"As a property manager, the technology recommendation from Access Digital has been invaluable. The system's ability to utilize traffic data for revenue is outstanding. We've experienced a noticeable increase in NOI post-implementation."

Kevin M. - Senior Property Manager

Real Results, Exceptional Experiences

Client Success Stories
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